Safety checks

Priority in intralogistics


Relying on us to carry out legal safety checks on trucks and racking and to provide innovative safety technologies for your transport systems is a proactive way to protect your employees, goods and the infrastructure of your warehouse.


The safety of your employees, trucks and systems is crucial to efficient intralogistics. STILL takes care of the scheduling and implementation of all legally required safety checks for trucks, attachments, chargers, batteries and racking.


STILL warning zone lights

The STILL warning zone light projects two strips of light to the left and right of the forklift truck when the truck is switched on. This acts as a visual warning for pedestrians and other drivers in the immediate vicinity of the truck. With the help of mobile safety lighting, this helps to reduce the risk of personal injury and collisions in busy work areas.

We support drivers with a wide range of driver assistance systems and functions. These provide the necessary conditions for safe, efficient, ergonomic and fatigue-free work in every driving situation.

By retrofitting with different safety features and specially-designed attachments, our trucks can be adapted for new applications in no time at all.


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